Exposure Therapy


When we become super anxious about something, it is only natural to avoid it in order to feel relief. However, this becomes a ruthless cycle that strengthens the fear. Exposure (and response prevention) therapy is considered a "gold standard" evidence-based therapy used to treat anxiety disorders, particularly phobias, OCD, panic attacks, and PTSD.


I have specialized training and years of experience providing exposure therapy. I work with you to identify and break down your fears in order to create a fear hierarchy, design structured exposures in a safe environment, and help you face your fears, so that you can feel a sense of control and return to a more productive and fulfilling life.

I know it sounds counter-intuitive to spend time exposing yourself to your fears in order to move past them, but it works! I know from first-hand experience when I practiced exposure therapy on myself and reduced my fear of spiders. I also have numerous clients over the past 5 years who have seen a significant reduction in their own fears and obsessions, including:

  • Contamination or germs

  • Checking

  • Intrusive thoughts

  • Needles/syringes and medical fears

  • Flying/traveling

  • Heights

  • Public speaking


You can read more about exposure therapy here.

Therapeutic Approach


My focus in therapy is working together to understand how you make sense out of your current struggles and how different experiences continue to impact you. I value your lived experiences, while also seeing the impact of social and historical context on your life. I recognize the strengths and skills that you have, and help you find ways to use these to overcome your current challenges. I teach research-supported techniques that you can practice to feel better quickly. I work collaboratively with you to help you make progress toward your goals, always making sure that you feel safe, understood, valued, and empowered while being challenged to make change.

If you have questions about therapy in general, please visit the American Psychological Association's website  or check out the California Board of Psychology's Consumer Guide.

Consultation and Training

I provide consultation and training services to individuals, groups, and organizations. I have doctoral-level training in community psychology, and years of experience as an outreach coordinator. I can help facilitate programming about anxiety disorders, exposure therapy, stress management, and diversity and multiculturalism.


If you have questions about me and my work, please contact me for a free phone consultation.


My fee for individual therapy is $200 per 60-minute session. I work on a sliding scale, and have a limited amount of reduced fee appointments for those with financial restrictions. I calculate the cost of my fee to reflect my experience specializing in exposure therapy, which many practitioners are not properly trained or experienced in providing. I also do my "homework" outside of sessions in order to prepare for every exposure based on the fear hierarchy we create together in the initial sessions, which can include looking up appropriate pictures/videos, obtaining different items, access to location(s), and meeting you in spaces other than my office outside of my normal office hours.

I am also able to schedule prolonged exposure for a specific phobia, for those who are interested in "knocking out" their fear in one go. This typically requires scheduling 6 - 8 hours, which includes psychoeducation and relaxation techniques, creating a fear hierarchy, and moving through the hierarchy so that you are able to face your fear at the end of the session. My fee for a prolonged exposure session is $1,000. Please contact me if you are interested in a prolonged exposure session so we can discuss your struggles and treatment options.

I currently do not accept any health insurance plans. This is an intentional decision, as it allows all paperwork and your information to remain private. Any information submitted to an insurance company becomes part of your permanent medical record. Not going through insurance also keeps our treatment unrestricted, so we can work to best meet your wants and needs. If you have a health insurance policy, it could provide some coverage for out-of-network mental health treatment. I can provide you with a superbill each month, which you can submit to your insurance provider to request partial or full reimbursement.

Please contact me for a free phone consultation to discuss your needs and address any questions.

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